This past year, with inspiration & encouragement from co-founding What'sForDinner, I’ve become much more familiar & comfortable in my kitchen. As I continue to cook and learn more about how to do it well & with ease, I’ve made a running list of tools I want to add to my arsenal. And here it is, my Christmas Kitchen Wish List!

  • Cordless Hand Blender
  • I desperately want to blend everything in my kitchen sink. Not being restricted by access to an electrical outlet allows you to blend ANYWHERE YOU WANT!! Every time I’m blending a soup or sauce, all I can see is the mess on my counter top of what didn’t stay inside the bowl & it makes me nuts. Sure, is it necessary? Not really, it’s a ‘peace of mind’ purchase, but to me it’s worth it.
  • Knife Sharpener
  • There’s nothing worse than having to use a dull knife while cooking dinner, especially when you don’t want to be cooking in the first place! After too many frustrating dinners with a dull kitchen knife that could never get sharp enough I purchased some quality kitchen knives & I’ll never look back. I plan on taking good care of these bad boys so they’ll serve us well for many years, starting with a good sharpener.

image of hand mixer & knife sharpener

  • Nesting Prep Bowls
  • I love being able to prep my ingredients while the oven preheats or a pot of water boils. I especially love that they have a pouring spout. This thoughtful extra touch makes a huge difference in avoiding more messes than necessary and in controlling how much & where you’re pouring.
  • Herb Starter Kit
  • It’s beautiful & it’s fresh. Just thinking about having fresh herbs whenever I want... I can already smell the mint in my water & basil on my caprese salad! Plus, these beautiful blue & white hand painted porcelain pots from Williams Sonoma make me wish extra hard to see this under my tree this year.

image of nesting bowls & herbs

  • Spiralizer
  • Honestly, I can’t believe we don’t already own one of these.

image of spiralizer

All that’s left is to send my list off to Santa!

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