We really love to lean into a theme around here. And it’s no surprise we had a “spooky season supper” to welcome on the Halloween weekend.

Got our fill of veggies with this skeleton veggie tray. I cut a few corners & paid for convenience with this one. Rather than prepping the veggies myself, I bought a store prepared veggie tray & simply rearranged everything into the skeleton on a different serving platter.

Halloween Skeleton Veggie Tray

Before I go any further, I’ve got to tell you that I surrendered the expectation of my version of these cutesy Pinterest worthy dishes looking anywhere near the professionals' photos a long time ago. A friendly reminder that real life is nothing like what’s on the internet.

The mummy hotdogs were the big hit of the night. I snuck in a slice of mozzarella cheese behind the dog before wrapping the dough around it which added an extra layer of flavor that we all loved.

And Ghost Pizza Bagels, more like Ghoul Pizza Bagels! They’re so… I laughed with every bite & I hope you would, too!

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